Gliding Patio Door Hardware Styles

Albany patio door handle


Anvers patio door handle


Covington patio door handle


 Whitmore patio door handle


Encino patio door handle


 Newbury patio door handle


 Yuma door handle


Tribeca patio door handle



Hinged Patio Door Hardware Styles

Albany Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Black


Anvers Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Satin Nickel


Covington Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Bright Brass


Whitmore Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Antique Brass



Encino Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Distressed Bronze


 Newbury Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Polished Chrome


Yuma Hinged Patio Door Hardware - Distressed Nickel


Tribeca Hinged Patio Door Hardware - White




Patio Door Hardware Color Options

 Hardware Colors White


Hardware Colors Stone



 Hardware Colors Distressed Nickel

Distressed Nickel

Hardware Colors Distressed Bronze 

Distressed Bronze

Hardware Colors Polished Chrome 

Polished Chrome


 Bright Brass

Hardware Colors Antique Brass

Antique Brass

Hardware Colors Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel

Hardware Colors Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Hardware Colors Brushed Chrome

 Brushed Chrome


Patio Door Security Options

 Gliding Patio Door Lock  Hinged Patio Door Lock

 Gliding Patio Door Locks

The unique Andersen® reach-out locking system pulls the door panel snugly into the jamb for weathertightness and enhanced security.

 Hinged Patio Door Locks

5-point locking system improves energy efficiency and offers and increased level of security. Also available is an optional handle extension kit which creates additional clearance for interior blinds and shades.

 Auxiliary Foot Lock  Exterior Keyed Locks

An optional gliding door auxiliary foot lock offers an extra measure of security when the door is in the locked position. It can also hold the operating panel partially open.


Exterior keyed locks are available on all patio doors.