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  • 04/16/2017
    On April 22, 1970, 20 million people took to streets, parks, and auditoriums all across America to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. It was the first ever Earth Day. Now, nearly a half century later, Earth Day is the largest secular observance in the world, with more than a billion people taking part in activities and celebrations every year.
  • 04/11/2017
    Maximize your view with slim, easy to slide, contemporary, and practical gliding windows.
  • 03/02/2017
    In celebration of a day dedicated to hard-working employees across the country, we would like to personally thank all of Andersen employees, past and present, for their inspiring commitment to the communities, their dedication and hard work (in the office, manufacturing plant, or in the field), and the value each brings to our company and our culture. In light of Employee Appreciation Day, we’re recognizing a few employees who were deemed worthy of the spotlight by their fellow coworkers. From exceptional leadership skills and going above and beyond at work, to community involvement and overall morale boosters, we’re proud and honored to have each of them on our team. 
  • 02/28/2017
    March is National Women’s History Month. We owe a lot to the female trailblazers, innovators, leaders and overall contributors who have influenced Andersen Corporation’s growth and development. While it would be difficult to name each individually, we take this opportunity to honor five women in particular who helped shape Andersen into the thriving business it is today.
  • 02/23/2017
    On February 23, 2017, World Bird Sanctuary’s traveling avian ambassadors made a special appearance at our corporate office in Cottage Grove, Minnesota to offer our office and manufacturing employees an exciting, up-close, and personal experience with some of the world’s most fascinating raptors. The event was the fourth annual Masters of the Sky event for Andersen and our first here in Cottage Grove.
  • 02/15/2017
    Renewal by Andersen® windows are made from Fibrex® material, an Andersen-exclusive composite that combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl. Designed for energy efficiency, durability, beauty, and minimal maintenance, our revolutionary composite material provides the best of both worlds. Here are 5 reasons why homeowners should be paying attention to Andersen’s exclusive Fibrex® material.
  • 02/15/2017
    We’ve long understood that a great window is only as good as the team of installers behind it, and an efficient, swift, and professional installation is even more important during the frigid winter months. That’s why our Certified master Installers follow a special winter installation process to help protect your home (and your heating bill). 
  • 01/22/2017
    Windows play an integral role in your home’s overall utility costs, comfort level, and appeal. During the research phase, you may be inclined to focus solely on comparing the numbers on the price tag. But what are you really paying for? If you’re considering replacing your windows and have begun to research your options, here are five questions you should be asking.