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Fab Fettuccine Recipes

Nothing can beat the winter blahs like a hearty dose of comfort food. Check out these new--and traditional--takes on one of the most popular pasta dishes, fettuccine alfredo.

The True Cost of Replacement Windows: 5 Questions to Ask

Windows play an integral role in your home’s overall utility costs, comfort level, and appeal. During the research phase, you may be inclined to focus solely on comparing the numbers on the price tag. But what are you really paying for? If you’re considering replacing your windows and have begun to research your options, here are five questions you should be asking.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Cookie exchanges, holiday parties, family celebrations, potluck dinners, that big football game...there's no shortage of gatherings centered around food this time of the year! This month, we’re inviting you into our homes with a selection of easy-to-make and equally delicious recipes submitted by Renewal employees! Enjoy!

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

As we reflect on another year that has come and gone and ring in a new year, many of us are pondering resolutions that will make ourselves better in some way. This year, we challenge you to improve yourself as a homeowner. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

Fun and Easy Seasonal Decorations

As we head into the holiday season, you may want to add a festive touch to your décor—maybe company’s coming, maybe you just want to add a pop of color in the winter months. But what you probably DON’T want is more stress and to-do’s on your list. Check out these tips on decorating with what you already have on hand around the house!

Winter Installation Experts

Summer and fall have come and gone, and now you think you’re stuck with your drafty windows for yet another winter, right? Think again!

Autumnal accoutrements and fall-time flourishes

Cozy sweaters, warm mugs of cider, and beautiful leaves swirling in the crisp air—oh autumn, we’ve missed you. Are you ready to embrace the changing of the seasons and put a little fall color into your home? Check out these sensational fall flourishes you can add to your décor this autumn.

Veterans Day 2016

This November 11, we take pride in supporting and thanking all of our Renewal employees who have served, as well as the millions of other veterans and U.S. servicemen and women, both at home and abroad.